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For the busy corporate, after extensive research we have developed the shortest version of Executive Tai Chi - Corporate version.
Classical Tai chi is a asymmetrical sequence, with steps which are difficult to remember.
Our Executive Tai Chi Corporate version is simple and incorporates the basic Tai Chi movements in a symmetrical easy to perform module.
Hence all the benefits of Classical tai Chi are obtained without the tedious process of learning the classical steps.
Executive Tai Chi Corporate Version can be learnt via our ONE day workshop, over five hours.
TWO - THREE DAY workshops, about 2 hrs each day The session may be held at any OPEN PLACE OR HALL.
Up to twenty five participants can be trained in one workshop by our team.
This is a well researched and condensed version of Tai Chi, designed specially for the busy executive. After learning the steps, the individual has to practise the short version over 20 minutes a day, at least three times a week to gain all the benefits.
After the workshop, a Executive Tai Chi certificate will be awarded
We also have five day 2 hours workshop for executives who desire a longer exposure. Tai Chi can also be integrated into an inhouse regular 10 min office break routine for all employees, like in the Western Corporate setups.
If longer and detailed training is desired, please refer to the workshops and courses page.
Other ongoing modules can be arranged as per requirement.