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Mumbai Chinese Wing Chun Shaolin Kung Fu
Wing Chun Kung Fu is an art that focusses on Infighting. The basics of Close fighting or Near fighting ideology of Wing Chun are Economy of Motion, Centerline protection, Forward Energy & Simultaneous Pary & Counter.
Bruce Lee first learnt Wing Chun & incorporated this into his Jeet Kune Do.
The Principles of Wing Chun allows one to adapt immediately to the size and style of an attacker.
Fighting Principles
1) Go forward. Advance immediately in order to establish contact with the limbs allowing for Chi Sao reflexes to take over or even better to strike first.
2) Stick to the opponent. If you are unable to strike make contact with his body stick to it eg opponent's arm.
3) Yield to a greater force. When an attack is simply stronger than yours, your trained reflexes will tell your body to move out of the way of the attack and find another angle for attack.
4) Follow through.If an opponent retreats, continue moving forward, not allowing the opponent to regroup.
5) Give up your own Force. One needs to be relaxed in order to move dynamically and to react to the actions of an opponent.
6) Use Your Attackers Force against him. Take advantage of the force your opponent gives you. If an opponent pulls you toward him, Push him. Or if an opponent pushes, You pull, Take him where he wants to go.
7) Add Your Own Force. In addition to borrowing power from your attacker, you can add your own force in an attack.
8) Chi Sao & Lat Sao - Lat Sao, or "rolling hands" training, where two practitioners maintain contact with each other while executing techniques, thereby training each other to sense changes in body mechanics, pressure, momentum

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