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Phases of Learning under Us
Learn JEET KUNE DO Martial Arts Kick Boxing Self Defence Kungfu Street fight Fitness in Mumbai India
Phases of learning
Jeet Kune Do Ideology is taught in the following phases so as to enable every and any student (regardless of height, weight, age, gender & personality) to learn fighting systematically and safely, thus enabling him to experience combat and find his own way, what works and what doesnot work for his specific nature & constitution.
Thus each mans JKD is different and no two students learn the same. Therefore it is impossible to teach JKD to a large batch or group by teaching similar technique.
Phase I: training in air
Aim: To learn PRECISION in each and every technique in every range
a) Weapons Range
b) Kicking Range
c) Punching Range
d) Trapping Range
e) Knee- Elbow Range
f) Grappling Range
g) Ground Range
phase II: training on equipment
Aim: To learn essential components of technique
a) POWER - On Heavy Bag
b) SPEED - On Speed Ball, Top & Bottom Bag
c) TIMING - On Focus Pads
d) ENERGY - Wooden Dummy & Chi Sao
Aim: To learn elements of FIGHTING
a) NO WAY AS WAY - Combining Kicking, Punching, Trapping, Knee-Elbows & Grappling
b) TACTICS - Using
  • FOOTWORK (Getting into a position of advantage)
  • LEVERAGE (Using body to generate power)
  • MEASURE (Finding Correct distance in Striking),
  • ADAPTING (Evading & Parrying effortlessly)
  • TIMING (Correct moment of Counter Attack)
    SPECIFICS of JKD - Using Fewer Techniques, Non Telegraphic nature, Lead Hand and Lead Foot priority, etc.
  • Original Tactics of Bridging the Gap
  • phase 1V: training WITH UN COOPERATIVE PARTNER sparring
    Stage 1 - Cooperative opponent - play Sparring
    Stage 2 - with protective gear - safe sparring
    Stage 3 - uncooperative opponent - all out sparring
    phase V: strategy
    5 methods of attack
    phase vi: theory & understanding of jkd
    what jkd is and what it is not!