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Buddha said Life is suffering (First Noble Truth). I realized that as age progresses suffering rises. Death is the welcome & painless release from suffering. Suffering is generated by desire (Second Noble Truth).
Desire creates Liability- such as Educational slogging, Career pressures, Marital commitments, Children liabilities & duties & Financial burdens. Age creates Health issues, Worldly misfortunes & Mental Complexes. Mental Complexes progress with age & include- Freudian/ Sexual complex, Ageing complex, Hierarchy complex, Retirement & Alienation complex.
Reduce your liabilities and you will not suffer as much. Enter into Education, Career, and Marriage & bear Children & be ready to face the responsibilities of desire & complications of liability. Choosing the Middle way of Moderation is the rule. (Fourth Noble Truth)
Life progresses in following interwoven five stages.
Under 15 years - You are Naïve & ever ready for Risks & Change - Hostel, Career, Overseas Education
Under 30 years -You are Enthusiastic with what Life offers- Career, Marriage, etc
Under 45 years -You are Angry with ageing process of Greying, Obesity, Pot belly etc. You progress in Career & Wealth as your Anger is redirected into productivity.
Under 60 years - You are in an accepting stage at peace with the world. The rising health insecurities & Doctor replenish your wealth.
Under 75 years - You are in depression and are ready to barter your wealth for love or feinted affection.
A few mentally evolved will identify the stages & evolve in their mind & tread carefully with moderate actions.
As we near our predetermined Death - when our allotted quota of breath is over, we are usually a mesh of various sufferings, unconsciously seeking a release but not knowing it is death- the final release.
When a person is dying, we look at it from the living perspective. The dying looks at it from the departing perspective, welcoming it as departure from suffering- Release or a long fulfilled life with no unfulfilled aspirations left to carry on- Nirvana. The living would perceive a desired death as ’depression’ but the dying would see it as ’detachment’
HEALTH is defined as Man’s ability to Eat, Drink, Sleep, pass Stools & Urine, Locomote, Use all senses, Sleep & Think. DISEASE is disruption of Health. DEATH is the unconnected end of life process triggered from within the body (unless it’s a unnatural death)
DISEASE causes suffering. A dying man may not have any disease suffering but may suffer from other problems of life. Its democratic! The suffering level of disease can be objectified.
Death is always a painless Cardiac Arrest & stopping of all human systems by pre planned & coordinated cellular timing.
Death is painless & UNRELATED to DISEASE PROCESS. DISEASE Process is related to AGE-ING (old age is the last phase of whatever is a biologically predetermined duration) Death can come AFTER disease of three durations while having no relation to it.
  • a) Sudden -pre death disease under 2 hours
  • b) Acute - pre death disease under 2 days
  • c) Chronic - pre death disease under 2 weeks
  • MENTAL STAGES A DYING PERSON UNDERGOES is described: Ideal Responses to the dying are as suggested.
    STAGE 1 - ATTACHMENT & FEAR - the fears of death & apprehension of suffering is maximum as person craves for LIFE.
    Response- Allay the fears, give love & security & treatment (as you don’t know he is dying)
    STAGE 2 - SUBMISSION & RESIGNATION - Giving in to illness & resigning from hope of recovery.
    Response- Give comfort to body & company to mind
    STAGE 3 - DETACHMENT & LOVE - Detaching from loved ones, assets & from own body. Since you DETACH FROM LIFE, YOU DON’T SUFFER, but are filled with love & appreciation for all people & wonders of life u never appreciated fully before.
    Response- Allow the dying to detach by detaching yourself. Do not CRY or Show your insecurity as the dying will be guilt ridden & feel duty bound to stay back. The Dying don’t like to see sadness & want a happy ambience. Love the dying as much as you can by talking, spending time & complimenting them on a fulfilled life. Don’t be scared or show sympathy to suffering that u see--- as u see it from the living perspective, whereas the dying don’t mind, as they see suffering from the detached perspective & Life from the parting perspective.
    Attitude to your self - Sadness - mourn the loss of a companion, a traveller, a good being.
    Attitude to Dying - Gratitude - be grateful for the company, the travel but don’t be sorry for him.
    Attitude to Life - Celebrate - the fulfilment of one’s journey & don’t be afraid of death but understand it.
    Sleep Sleepless & Fits Coma
    Locomote (move) Indoor for 2 months Bedsores, Pneumonia, UTI,
    Breathe Expiration Breathlessness Status Inspiratory Gasping
    Eat & Drink No Food for a week No Water for 3 days
    Urine Polyurea Oliguria
    Stool Diarrhoea to lower BP Paralytic Ileus or Obstruction
    Immunity Persistent High Fever 104 with Chills Septicemia Fever above 104
    Circulation Water overload with Ascites Edema Shock or Hemmorhage
    Pain Severe with Vomiting & Sweating Unconscious with Groans
    Cardio Breathless in indoor activity Breathless at rest
    Less than 3 MINOR - TOLERABLE By
    Penned by
    Prof. Dr. DR - in memory of my companion & best friend Drago - who taught me the last lesson.