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1) UNRELATED ASSOCIATIONS- Health, Disease & Death are unrelated & have no relation. You could be very healthy & yet suffer disease or suddenly die. You could be very diseased & yet not die till your time.
2) HEALTH- Health is defined as absence of disease. Health is a multilevel entity- Mind, Body, Emotion & Spirit. Right Thinking & Action determines mental health, Right fitness, right nutrition & clean air determines bodily health, Right conduct of self in relations & society determines emotional health & Right philosophy determines Spiritual health. Health & Quality of Life depend upon Lifestyle factors like Exercise, Nutrition, Obesity, Addictions, Air, Daily routine, Stress, Sleep, Diurnal rhythms, Long term medications etc. Health is not just a perfect state of figures - BP, Sugar, Cholesterol, TG, etc. Health is the ability to carry out the activities of daily routine, occupation while maintaining adequate vital organ function - Ingestion, excretion of stool & urine, respiration, circulation, locomotion, eyesight, hearing, etc. Age related degenerative disorders need not be regarded as abnormal events or as Disease unless they cause handicap of daily routine.
3) DEATH, CAUSES- Death is a predetermined event determined at birth within the genetic code. The common causes of death are Heart attack, Stroke & Cancer. All these are timed events and cannot be prevented. Medical sciences estimate a 60 % risk of Heart attack to every man however fit, young or healthy.
4) DEATH, SUFFERING- Death is as painless & unperceivable as birth. Disease causes suffering. Death may or may not be preceded by disease. The disease prior to death may or may not be painful, depending upon how it is managed.
5) DEATH THERAPY - Vital Organ failure spells imminent but peaceful death with a comfortable life preceding it. When Death is imminent, accept it & you won’t suffer. Fight it with intervention or radical therapy & expect great suffering without any prolongation of life span.
6) DISEASE, CAUSE- Disease has 3 causes usually - predetermined inherent genetic event, environmental cause or lifestyle error.
7) DISEASE, SUFFERING- Suffering in disease is directly proportional to the interference in the body’s defence mechanisms & inversely proportional to boosting bodily mechanisms.
8) DISEASE, THERAPY- The efficacy of therapy is not proportional to its expense. Money cannot buy life or comfort. Diagnosis of Disease may many times be an incidental Lab or Scan diagnosis in an otherwise healthy individual with few distressing symptoms, which when treated with Drug therapy may evolve into more troublesome adverse effects, mistaken to be part of the disease process. Single readings of raised BP, Blood sugar, Cholesterol, by itself may not spell disease, but may lead to a cascade of lifelong drugs & their side effects.
The various forms of available therapy are
a) Drugs, Steroids, Immunosuppressant’s & Chemotherapy
b) Endoscopy, Surgery, Transplant,
c) Wave therapy (sound etc), Laser, Radiotherapy
d) Other Systems - Ayurvedic-Herbs & Plants, Homeopathy-Great dilutions 1/10000 of drugs, Alternative Unknown substances (Magnetotherapy etc)
e) Occult Remedies-Magic, Religious practice & Mystical remedies
f) INTERVENTIONAL OR RADICAL THERAPY- Endoscopic Intervention, Radical Surgery, Organ Transplant, Chemotherapy, Long term Steroids, Immunosuppressants seldom alter the disease process but often do great harm & often carry the risk of worsening suffering, organ failure or death. The cost of saving one vital organ with intervention or radical drug therapy is often borne by the other vital organs. The side effects of interventional therapy may be irreversible.
g) DISEASE, IDEALISTIC THERAPY- Allopathic study is a scientific study of normal body processes and its survival mechanisms in disease. Modern Science has access to radical weapons and extreme remedies. Drug Therapy of Disease shall often be worse than its endurance in the form of distressing adverse effects all over the body where the drugs reach via circulation. Surgery often involves incising & disrupting adjacent body structures while correcting the defective organ.
It must be wisely contemplated whether it is worthwhile interfering with the inherent defence mechanisms of the body or not. External manipulation of the body’s structure & function with surgery or drug therapy must be carefully considered. Bodily Discomfort must be used as a guiding factor in determining course of action. The Doctor must use his knowledge of patho-physiology & therapeutic skills to achieve maximum comfort zone with minimum complication in order to aid bodily repair & survival mechanisms. Alteration of various lifestyle factors may be needed to aid healing. Submission to the body’s wisdom & acceptance of disease process may give great comfort & mental peace.
9) DISEASE- CONSEQUENCE- Disease if not intervened will result in resolution or control which ensures return to routine activity. If your time has come, only then disease will result in death. If not, survival is the rule no matter what the therapy unless radical.
10) THE THREE THREATS in any Disease are Radical therapy or Intervention, Fear or Dread of disease & Lifestyle errors. Hurried Intervention, Lack of patience or tolerance & cessation of routine activity are 3 common mistakes. Believe first in the wisdom of your body, next in lifestyle correction & last in remedy.
Disclaimer: The above viewpoint is the general ideology of the author based upon his clinical experience and is not to be applied by reader blindly to any specific disease without prior consultation with your Doctor. In that case, the author shall bear no responsibility for the consequences.