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JKD is a Philosophy to live fully!
The Science & Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do
JKD is a Way of Life
It helps you to find that "Nothing" which man seeks when the search for everything ends.
(As one passes thru life, there comes a stage where material gains cease to matter, and man becomes concerned solely with finding peace within himself)
JKD is a Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Martial journey.
JKD is aimed at Physical fitness & Health, Mental resources, Spiritual growth and Fighting prowess. JKD is an art of Life.
JKD is a Self enquiry, a step towards knowing yourself. JKD teaches the spiritual via the physical.
(JKD teaches you to understand your body movements in relation to another body, your opponents. It makes you comfortable with yourself and with others. At a later stage you begin to understand your mind. It helps you to question yourself and betters understanding of one’s self and the world)
JKD is taking control of your life.
It is about developing discipline, will power & determination. JKD is a re-contemplation about your Life.
(JKD is about learning to find time & priority for Fitness, Health & Happiness)
JKD teaches you to fight.
It teaches you to react to force with gentleness and overcome it.
(JKD builds a fighting philosophy in you. It brings out the warrior in you. When you fight opponents big & aggressive, you realize that in life, it is your reaction to obstacles that count, not the magnitude of the obstacle)
JKD helps you to get beyond System.
In its analysis, JKD compares traditional martial arts with Street fighting. In fighting, it teaches freedom from style, pattern or technique. In Life, JKD helps you to free yourself.
(At a later stage you realize that man is a slave to the system, the very system that was designed for man. The Individual is more important than any system. JKD teaches you to harness the system rather than play slave to it)
JKD takes you beyond time.
Past is History- Learn from it. Present is full of Opportunities - Seize it. Future is Unpredictable- Prepare for it. JKD prepares you for Life.
JKD teaches you your own attitude.
It helps you to find your own way. And in the process, it helps you to find yourself. JKD is just as you are - nothing else.