Classes on Martial Arts Kickboxing Krav maga Tai Chi Bruce lee Jeet Kune Do Women Self Defence Training in Mumbai
1) Dress: Neat, Clean, Ironed, Light Colors
2) Appearance: Clean Shaven Chin, Short Hair, Polished Shoes, In Shirt (No chappals)
3) Posture: Stand Upright without hunching, Chest Inflated & Chin Up
4) Sit: with Back straight
5) Drill: Attention-with Instructor, Stand at ease- with Juniors
6) Posture: a) To Seniors - Hands behind Back b) To Colleagues - Hands folded c) To Juniors - Hands on Hip
7) Speech a) Greet="Good Morn /Day" b) Acknowledge="Yes Sir" c) Will be done= "Roger!" d) "Permission to Speak Sir" e) "Disagree Sir!" f) Don’t Cut conversations
8) Attitude: Don’t laugh loudly, Don’t Speak loudly, Don’t Show tiredness, Don’t Crib
9) Responsibility: The behavior of the juniors is responsibility of the senior most rank present
10) Conversation: Allow Seniors to speak first, Reprimand Juniors who interrupt
11) Break off: "Permission to Leave Sir" or "Good Day Sir"
12) Debate: Listen first, Analyze next, Speak thereafter
13) Use Logic: a) Speak to the context, don’t deflect. b) Don’t bring many variables in debate c) Don’t quote personal experience to make a point d) Quote verifiable sources e) Don’t get personal f) Don’t give bias opinions i) Do not argue without basis j) Don’t enforce on basis of seniority, age, experience, success, value/ cost h) Disengage if no Logic is used
14) Dining: Don’t overeat. Don’t speak with food in mouth. Don’t eat with both hands. Don’t dirty table or clothes. Use hanky
15) Drink: Don’t lose inhibitions in presence of seniors
16) Smoke: Don’t smoke in presence of seniors. Stub cigarette out.
17) Ladies: Address them as "Ma’am" Be Polite.
18) Salute: Respects are to be given to BB Seniors on sight. Before training and after training.
19) Training: Do not ask questions while being taught. Only after the technique is explained fully, ask "Permission to speak"
20) Handwriting: Write neat and clean. Write in block, not in running. Space the words.
21) Politeness: is quality of officers.
22) While with junior ranks: be rough. Talk strong, Gesture physically to illustrate your point, e.g. holding arm, rapping back, etc
23) Handshake: must be firm, not hard nor limp. Bad handshakes give bad starts to interactions: Types of handshakes a) Crush - Dominating b) Limp - Disinterested c) Short arm extension - Reluctant d) Quick Disengagement - Uncaring e) From Top - Demeaning
24) Don’t gossip or discuss matters or training irrelevant to your own syllabus.
Your demeanor will make

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