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This is an educative website with information on how the body has inherent healing mechanisms for its survival. It in no way contradicts existing scientific belief. This approach offers many therapetic options other than radical therapy (eg Chemotherapy) or interventional surgery (eg Angioplasty / Bypass) Each therapy must be tailormade to the patients individual situation, clinical profile and consent. One cannot enforce a operative procedure with life threatening complications as the ONLY remedy. We call this Non Interventional Clinical Options. You may call this "Alternative Cure" OR "Nature Therapy" where we allow healing to follow the body’s wisdom & inherent healing mechanisms.
"From inability to leave well alone, from too much zeal for what is new & contempt for what is old from putting knowledge before wisdom Science before art. Cleverness before common sense From treating patients as cases and from making the cure of a disease more grevious than its endurance Good Lord, deliver us"
Sir Robert Hutchinson, Love & Bailey’s Bible of Surgery
Invasive Interventions &Surgery OR Follow Natures Way.
The Man in white symbolizes God Curing disease &saving Life A Noble man with a Noble Cause!
His lifes mission is to care For the suffering and diseased The elderly and dying The hurt and the hopeless The crippled and the bedridden
He is not god but god’s man The body’ss wisdom he understands well He has nothing to hide & all to tell Since he is not sickened by the patients sickness He always builds comfort between patient & illness
He does not despise illness Nor does he fear death So he conveys this vibration And puts all fears at rest
He knows well what he knows not He makes no pretence about the unknown And no bones about what he knows He smiles and the patient smiles back He will care, but he may not have cure He will use compassion where there is no cure And aid bodily processes of birth, growth, disease & death
But beware of certain men in white They pretend to know it all They claim to cure it all & They know not, what they don’t know They are uncompassionate & inflexible They are mechanical & always in a hurry They don’t like questions & are always passing verdicts Predicting patients lifespans & disease outcome They appear confident & have total conviction That the body is wrong & they will set it right
The ill now have a choice Between the two shades of men in white One makes you comfortable with your body And the other teaches you to mistrust it
Be bold & submit to the bodys wisdom And all will be well says the nobleman Be afraid and resist the body or natures way And I will play God ,& decide your fate Says the other man I am the GODPLAYER , the omnipotent As I can make your life HEAVEN OR HELL.
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