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We have a specialized weight loss program of 3 months duration for those looking for a different, scientific & novel approach for losing fat. We had helped Mumbai Police in reducing Pot bellies by our 3 minutes a day program & reduced 5000 bellies in 3 months. We also had designed the first Aerobic Kickboxing program in India. The aerobic kickboxing system was first introduced by us in India in 1995 especially for Mumbai police CID (SB) where 500 cops with health problems like arthritis, spondylosis, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. Pot bellies were treated by this program.
Methodology: We use an amalgamation of the following in our specialized program.
Our instructors are qualified in fitness, martial arts, boxing, & paramedical subjects.
8 sessions a month ( 2 sessions of 1 hour each every weekend, flexible hours)
Our program is made of unique components:
a) Aerobic Kick Boxing - for fat burning
Aerobic kickboxing is an exercise system with components of kicking, boxing, aerobics, & dance performed in tune to foot-tapping music. This form of Kickboxing is practiced only for its Fitness & Fun value. There is no contact and no fighting involved, & this can be taken up by one and all - young & old, men & women, healthy as well as diseased. It is more like aerobics & less like Fighting.It is an ideal method of getting fit, losing weight, managing Stress! Aerobic kick boxing aims at Flexibility, Strength, Cardio, Stress management, Weight loss.
b) Resistance Training - for Body Shaping, we prescribe 20 minute exercises with small plastic dumbells to help shape the muscles while preventing muscle loss and a haggard look.
c) Nutritional Guidance - to lose weight without restrictive or compromising diets, under qualified Dieticians. The Diets include the foods that you like, while selectively avoiding the high caloric components. We teach you how to get around the problem of preserving taste while losing weight by cutting calories.
d) Medical Consultation - We are the Institute of natural Healing in Mumbai. by Doctors to treat specific problems like back pains due to Sciatica, Slip disc, Knee pains due to joint disesae, High BP & High Sugar levels, as well as other diseases which may be an impediment in your weight loss program. We also help you to get off medications and heal naturally.
e) Zen Meditation - by developing right attitude in the head, to stop craving towards food. Buddhism, Os ho, Taoism, lao Tzu, Jeet Kune Do & other oriental philosophies are used to develop attitude & approach to problem solving & finding inner peace. We are the Zen Meditation Center of Mumbai.
f) Group Interactions - with others who are attaining / attained similar gaols to provide motivation, fun & enthusiasm.