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Our Teacher, Richard Bustillo, Iron Dragon of Jeet Kune Do
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Prof. Dr Rao & Dr Seema Rao derive the greatest JKD inspiration from their Teacher, Iron Dragon of Jeet Kune Do, Sifu Richard Bustillo, IMB Academy USA who is the chief guiding factor in Dr Raos JKD journey. The Dr. Rao couple owe their deep understanding of JKD in technique & philosophy to Sifu Bustillo.
Sifu Bustillo is one of Lees seniormost original students of Jeet Kune Do. He is called the Iron Dragon by the JKD World.
After Lees death, Sifu Richard Bustillo & Sifu Dan Inosanto started the Filipino Kali Academy, which was the first Academy teaching Jeet Kune Do in 1974, a year after Lees death. Dan later shifted to LA & Richard moved to a larger place founding the IMB Academy.
Today He is one of the worlds foremost authorities on Jeet Kune Do. He is one of the few authentic Teachers of the concepts and techniques of Lees fighting art.
He is one of the worlds finest Teachers to understand and learn JKD from, both in physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Sifu Bustillo runs the IMB Academy - International Martial Arts & Boxing Academy in LA, USA. He holds a Guro title with 10 Deg BB in Doce Pares Escrima, a Kru Title in Muay Thai & is a USA Olympic Boxing Coach.
Besides authorizing Dr. Rao to teach Jeet Kune Do in India & Asia, Sifu Richard Bustillo is a Teacher, philosopher & guide in Dr Raos life & martial arts journey. Both the Raos have been certified as FULL INSTRUCTORS by Bustillo.
After training with us, you shall be encouraged to train further under Sifu Bustillo at the IMB Academy. Their website is linked below or you may approach us for further information.
Original Student of legendary Lee
Read what Richard Bustillo has to say about JKD Ideology India & Dr. Deepak & Seema Rao.
’Dr. Rao, My sincere congratulations for receiving commendation for your work. You have achieved an outstanding martial arts accomplishment.
Just as Bruce lived, you are living proof that martial art skills are not the measure of man. It is man who instituted martial arts.
In your case, it is man & woman who instituted martial arts. * 03mar04
The principles, concepts, philosophies & training program of ur art is the basis of Lees Jeet Kune Do.
I commend u for teaching martial arts in ur backyard. You are a chosen few with a special skill.
Many of the best came from teaching in the backyard. ** 10 April 04
The best price Life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. You are using ur time creatively to always do great things. You are truly Jeet Kune Do. It is a man like you that makes Lee's truth great, not truth that makes man great. ***02 Aug04
U possess Lees attitude of the individual being more important than the system.
Ur sincere & honest JKD education proves ur ability to focus ur direction. Only JKD people like u can be successful in anything u do. Keep up your good work. ****14Sept04
Bruce was a master of the art you and I perpetuate.
His death impoverished all of us at the time,
but thanks to you and your dedication,
you make his practical approach for self defense available for all to learn. *******09 Dec 04
Seema, Congratulations on your Jeet Kune Do attitude. You possess JKD symbol for freedom of expression.
Both You & Seema have a keen sense and understanding of Jeet Kune Do and Zen.
"Your Way May Not Be My Way, Nor My Way Be Your Way". In Jeet Kune Do each One does his own way. I wish you the best in your new venture, teaching the JKD Ideology. ********26 Dec 04
"Seema, You and Deepak have the same fighting spirit & You both unknowingly accept challenges. Deepak and you have attained mastery of an art and it is revealed in his and your every action." 15 Feb 2005***
"I was very impressed by the JKD Ideology Thesis written by your student. If all your students are like Nikitin Dheer, you are an exceptional teacher. You & Sam are a model teacher every teacher should emulate."15 May 2005***
"You are a Student and a Teacher every one should emulate. You are Jeet Kune Do because you have a fighting heart. Just as I am, Bruce Lee would have loved to have a sincere, devoted and loyal student as you. I am very fortunate to have you as my student." 16 Aug 2007****
"Again your students are a reflection of their instructors. They understand Lee Jun Fan’s Jeet Kune Do from their essays. There are no other in the world whose students write essays as your students do and practice . I congratulate you on your hard work on the Bruce Lee Legacy. Keep Teaching and keep up the good work in the name of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do." Dec 2007******
"Good work Deepak. Your sparring is good reflex, coordination and conditioning" Dec 03 2009
In the Spirit of Bruce, Keep Safe-Keep Training-Keep Smiling!’

Aloha! R S Bustillo