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Executive Tai Chi Technicalities
Executive Tai Chi - The simpler, healthier, and learner friendly Tai Chi
Dr Seema , has simplified the complex usual Tai Chi by
1) Condensing the 108 movements/37 forms into few postures.
2) Simplifying the complicated movements
3) Making the asymmetrical sequences symmetrical
4) Making it joint friendly
5) Tailormaking it for the young and older groups.
6) Making it suitable for the diseased as well as healthy.
Usual tai Chi is an internal style of Martial Art and is focused on movements and fighting techniques.
Executive Tai Chi, on the other hand is aimed primarily towards Fitness, Stress management, and
Healing and preventing Diseases of Ageing, Urbanization and ailments resulting from the pressures of city life.
Executive Tai Chi retains
# All the original Stances
# original footwork
# original Hand and Foot movements
# original Segments of the form
# original Breathing
Dr Seema Rao has utilized her
Twenty year old background of Martial arts,
Ten year experience in training the armed forces, along with Her fifteen years of professional knowledge of Medicine and disease processes
to conceptualize Executive Tai Chi.
Executive Tai Chi is the modern simplification of the traditional time consuming and complicated Tai Chi form. Dr Seema has condensed it into an easy to learn fitness routine for the busy, stressed out, sedentary city individual.
This modified version has resulted after ten years of research in Tai Chi, Fitness, Martial arts and Medicine. Dr Seema now presents to you - The EXECUTIVE TAI CHI - system of health, fitness & vitality and stress management