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Logo & Motto
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JKD Symbol
Yin Yang Symbol with Opposite Arrows

Yin Yang shows that opposites occur in nature. And are in constant interplay, both complementing one another.
Using no way as way. -
Don’t have preconceived notions about anything. This statement is embedded in the Jeet Kune Do logo. It was also used by Bruce Lee often to describe JKD.
Having no limitation as limitation. -
Don’t be confined by anything, achieve true freedom. This statement is embedded in the Jeet Kune Do logo.
Be Soft yet not yielding, Be Firm yet not hard-
’The rigid & unbending is the disciple of Death,
The gentle & yielding is the disciple of Life.
An army without flexibility will never win battles,
A tree that is unbending will be easily broken.
The hard & strong will fall,
The soft & yielding will overcome.
The mind of the perfect man is like a mirror,
It grasps nothing. It expects nothing. It reflects everything
Thus the perfect man can act without effort.
This effortless effort is what we call JEET KUNE DO !’