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Endorsement from China
Chinese Grand Master endorses Executive Tai Chi.
Dr Seema Rao is a level 3 Yang style Tai Chi Master.
In addition, Dr Seema Rao holds a
Old Chinese Medicine Academy Diploma in Qi Gong & also a
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qigong Federation, ’Qigong Teacher’ degree She has been certified by Dr Bernd Hoehle, Inheritor Successor of Prof Dr Gu Ping, Shaolin monk from PRC, the world renowned expert on Qigong.
She is also a Yondan Kempo Karate Blackbelt from Japan & a 4th Deg Blackbelt in Military Unarmed Combat.
Dr Komal also holds an International Instructor Certification in Qigong, Tai Chi, Meridian Therapy & Magnetotherapy. Other doctors are all qualified in Alternative & Complementary Medicine.
Dr Deepak Rao is a triple doctorate with an MD, MBBS, DSc (Military Sc) & PhD (Alternative Med)
Chinese Grand Master endorses Executive Tai Chi